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Incomplete Bridge Leaves Villagers Stranded as River Changes Course

tanzil asif Reported By Tanzil Asif |
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Residents of Pararia area in Araria district, Bihar, are facing a perplexing problem – an incomplete bridge that leads to nowhere. The bridge, which began construction a decade ago, remains unfinished, raising questions about its purpose in the absence of a village.

The Unfortunate Cycle: River Deviation and Incomplete Construction

The story of the bridge’s construction is marred by constant changes in the course of the Bakra River. According to local accounts, the construction started in 2012, but before completion, the river changed its path, leading to the construction of a new bridge. However, this cycle repeated itself, rendering both bridges redundant.

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Satellite Images Reveal the Story: Construction Attempts and Redundant Bridges

Satellite images retrieved through the Time-Lapse Tool of Google Earth depict the timeline of the bridge’s construction and subsequent redundancy. The initial construction began in 2012, with plans for a 6-pillared bridge at Pararia Ghat. However, due to soil obstruction caused by the negligence of the contractor, the river deviated, making the bridge incomplete. A new construction attempt in 2021 suffered a similar fate.

The Impact of River Erosion: Hundreds of Houses Lost

The Seemanchal region of Bihar has long been plagued by the devastating effects of river erosion. The Bakra River’s continuous changing course has resulted in the loss of hundreds of houses in the area. The construction of bridges initially raises hopes among the villagers, but their recurring redundancy only adds to their woes.

The Need for an Embankment: Controlling the Deviating River

Local authorities emphasize the need for an embankment to control the Bakra River’s erratic behavior. Without a proper embankment to stabilize the river’s course, the construction of bridges will continue to be futile. The river’s shallow nature and sandy bed make it highly susceptible to deviation, necessitating proactive measures to prevent further damage.

Frustrations and Complaints: Villagers Blame Public Representatives

Frustration runs high among the villagers as they hold public representatives accountable for the repeated failures in bridge construction. Anita Devi, whose house sits at the river’s mouth, fears losing her home and the entire Pararia village to the river’s relentless encroachment. The villagers demand action and a long-term solution to address the challenges posed by the Bakra River.

In conclusion, the incomplete bridge in Pararia area serves as a poignant reminder of the recurring problems faced by the villagers due to the changing course of the Bakra River. With hopes dashed and makeshift bridges serving as temporary solutions, the need for a comprehensive plan involving embankments and sustainable construction becomes increasingly evident.

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Tanzil Asif is a multimedia journalist-cum-entrepreneur. He is the founder and the CEO of Main Media. He occasionally writes stories from Seemanchal for other publications as well. Hence, he has bylines in The Wire, The Quint, Outlook Magazine, Two Circles, the Milli Gazette etc. Tanzil is one of six Indian journalists selected by YouTube in 2021 for its Creator Program for Independent Journalists. He is also a Josh Talks speaker, an Engineer and a part-time poet.

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