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History of Katihar’s Kursela Estate, Where the Landlords Soared in Airplanes

The Saga of Banaili Raj and Purnea’s Champanagar Palace Where The Royals Still Reside

Uncovering Rasulpur Estate’s History: Landlords from Uttar Pradesh and Bengal in Bihar

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History of Bihar’s Formation: A Testament to Hindu-Muslim Unity and Journalism’s Triumph

Bihar is one of India’s key states in terms of politics. The history of the state is even more predominant, with the likes of Buddha, Guru Gobind Singh, Aryabhatta, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashok, and Dr. Rajendra Prasad having profound connections with Bihar. Modern-day Bihar may not have lived up to the burden of expectations, handed over […]

Alta Estate: The Lost History of an Estate that Used to be the Center of Sufism

The Alta Estate, located 13 kilometers away from the district headquarters of Kishanganj, preserves several historical stories within its premises. Situated in the Kochadhaman block, there is a 200-year-old mosque, and right in front of it, there is an Eidgah. Several ponds can also be seen around the mosque with four domes. The prayer hall […]

Purnia’s Centuries-Old Jalalgarh Fort Holds a Rich History, Now in Ruins

The Jalalgarh Fort, located in Jalalgarh village of Bihar’s Purnia district, revolves its time-worn wheel and compels us to peek into history. Situated approximately 20 kilometers away from Purnia city, this ancient structure, which has now turned into ruins, used to house a cantonment of 15 to 20 thousand soldiers several decades ago. Popularly known […]

Exploring the Historical Significance of the Curzon Reading Room within the Khuda Bakhsh Library of Patna