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In Bihar, a Govt School for Tribal Students, in a Hut

tanzil asif Reported By Tanzil Asif |
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In a shocking revelation, a government primary school in Bihar, located just 5 kilometers away from Seemanchal’s Kishanganj district headquarters, has been operating in deplorable conditions for over a decade. The New Primary School, Aadiwasi Tola, under Teosa Panchayat, lacks proper infrastructure, forcing students to study in a makeshift hut. The dire situation has drawn attention to the urgent need for improvement in educational facilities in the area.

The sorry state of the school

Established in 2011 with the aim of educating tribal children and integrating them into the mainstream, the school is currently housed in a rudimentary structure made of pillars, asbestos sheets, and plastic. It lacks a proper building, leaving students vulnerable to the elements. The school serves approximately 120 enrolled students, with around 60% of them belonging to the tribal community.

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Students endure harsh conditions

Inside the hut, some children sit on sacks spread on the ground, while the rest sit under the open skies. When it rains, there is no shelter, and the school effectively shuts down. During sunny days, the scorching heat and insects pose significant challenges for the students.

students being served mid day in adivasi tola school of teosa panchayat

The lack of basic amenities like proper seating arrangements and protection from the elements hampers their ability to focus on their studies.

Lack of building hampers education

The absence of a dedicated school building has been a persistent issue for the New Primary School. Despite a decade passing since its establishment, the school has not been able to secure a plot of land for construction. The makeshift hut surrounded by bamboo hedges remains the only option, severely impacting the quality of education and discouraging parents from sending their children to school.

Villager offers land donation

In an effort to improve the situation, a local resident named Dara Singh, whose father had expressed the desire to donate land for the school, has come forward with a generous offer. He intends to donate 2.5 kattha of land to fulfill his father’s wish and provide a proper school building for the children.

Delays in land donation process

Although the offer of land donation has been made, the process has faced administrative obstacles. Since the land is registered under the name of Dara Singh’s ancestor, consent from all descendants is required. The concerned department has requested a lineage verification, causing delays in the progress of the land donation.

Concerns and hopes for the future

Villagers and parents express their concerns over the current state of the school and its impact on their children’s education. They believe that the absence of a proper school building dissuades many parents from sending their children to school. They emphasize the need for a small but functional school building that would provide necessary facilities and attract more students.

a student in adivasi tola school of teosa panchayat

The plight of the New Primary School, Aadiwasi Tola, in Bihar highlights the challenges faced by underprivileged communities in accessing quality education. It serves as a reminder of the urgent need for government intervention to address these issues and provide a conducive learning environment for all children, regardless of their socio-economic background.

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Tanzil Asif is a multimedia journalist-cum-entrepreneur. He is the founder and the CEO of Main Media. He occasionally writes stories from Seemanchal for other publications as well. Hence, he has bylines in The Wire, The Quint, Outlook Magazine, Two Circles, the Milli Gazette etc. Tanzil is one of six Indian journalists selected by YouTube in 2021 for its Creator Program for Independent Journalists. He is also a Josh Talks speaker, an Engineer and a part-time poet.

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